Joseph Snarey

Born in Sewickly, PA

Lives & works in Edinboro, PA

       A sculptor, drawer, and printmaker; I try to use my mediums as a vessel to delve into the characteristics and experiences that come together to form me into who I am.



2015 - 2019 Edinboro University of Pennsylvania​


Exhibitions & Festivals

2015 - 700 Show. Edinboro, PA.

2016 - SFEM Show. ​Bates Gallery at EUP (Juried).

2018 - Who is SFEM?. ​Bates Gallery at EUP (Juried).

2019 - 6x6. Rochester Contemporary Art Center

2019 - Sculpture. Bates Gallery at EUP (Juried).

2020 - Gl_tch_d  Bates Gallery at EUP