Split Decisions

"How do you show two things at once? Proverbs state that to do such a task would mean you will be unsuccessful at doing both.

Why not embrace that?

My first introduction into doing such a work was with Stuck. I attempted to show both the analytically planned design background work to a folded form and a rendering of the final form itself. By weaving the two drawings together i found i could deliver the two types of imagery in an interesting way.

This discovery lead to a myriad of exploration with applications and concepts behind the works. Because of this experimentation I have been able to showcase a variety of concepts and visualizations.

This show is meant to utilize these methods I learned on my own to tackle the struggles I faced here within the Art Departments.

These QR Codes will lead the viewer to my curated bodies of work that have in prior been continuously critiqued for its lack of connections within series. The woven forms are meant to bridge that gap of bringing all my works together within a series in a way that I had always envisioned but never accepted for wanting to do.

The choice to create a show itself that focuses on being an artwork of its own merit is in necessity to the medium i prefer, instillation. Within my own departments I loose space every semester until it got to a point where i had to start questioning whether i give up what my artwork is meant to be and go to traditional sculptures or create works off campus due to the loss of instillation spaces.

Everything here is meant to call out and bring attention to the "invisible" issues that i face within our departments; Loss of studio spaces, traditionalist values, artwork biases, show run times, etc. I want the viewer to question why we hold certain artists to standards that others can never obtain without a loss of identity, and with these questions bring them to realizations of what the outsiders voices really can accomplish."


-Statement from my 2020 show 'Gl_tch_d'.

Viewers would scan QR codes painted onto the walls to reveal parts of the statement on their phone with digital files of physical artworks showcased alongside the statements